RFS Short Sale Manager

RFS Short Sale Manager 1.0

Cut the time you spend working short sales in half or less!Did...

Cut the time you spend working short sales in half or less! Did you know that the majority of the time spent working a short sale is trying to find paperwork.

And the majority of the time spent negotiating with lenders is spent looking for information that the lender is requesting, or that helps make your argument as to why they should accept the short sale offer.

In other words, most of the time spent is time wasted. quot;As a Realtor; I must tell you that this makes the process of tracking the progress and locating vital pieces of information so much easier during the course fo the transactionquot; Kim Hicks, Realtor; Upper Marlboro, MD Some online short sale management tools are good, but.

They have several inherant problems:The first is that they do not allow you to have different windows open at the same time so you can look at the information in one screen and take notes in another screen.

While they are organized, they still waste time. This is an inherant problem because of the way online technology is structured. On average, it takes between four and eight clicks of the mouse or key presses to do the same thing it takes a Windows based application to do in a slingle click or key press.

Not only do they require more work on your part, but online based tools are also plagued by delays in transmitting data between your computer and the server.

While this inherant latency may only be a couple seconds per input depending on your connection speed and how well optimized the tool is, If you consider that you do hundreds if not thousands of inputs during the day, it is easy to see how those tiny delays can waste a lot of time.

If you are on site with a seller and don't have an Internet connection, or if you lose your Internet connection, or if their server is down, you cannot do your work at all.

You are literally dead in the water and your productivity drops of the cliff to zero! The money you don't lose in productivity, you lose in the cost of subscribing to their service.

Typically, most online short sale management tools will cost you between $1,200. 00 and $3,000. 00 per year. And if you don't keep your subscription current, you have lost all of your data!

The RFS Short Sale Manager Changes All Of ThatThe RFS Short Sale Manager integrates the power of the Internet with the speed and versatility of your computer.

The main screen is designed so you have all of the most critical information in front of you on one screen so you can work your short sale and effectively negotiate with any lender.

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RFS Short Sale Manager


RFS Short Sale Manager 1.0

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